Company Profile Zeta Farmaceutici Group

Zeta Farmaceutici Group

This is the Italian pharmaceutical group that created EuPhidra. One of the first to take cosmetics into pharmacies. It is made up of three pharmaceutical companies, each with its own specialisation.

Zeta Farmaceutici

Since 1947 it has researched, developed and produced pharmaceuticals.
It is divided into two divisions. The cosmetics division produces and markets EuPhidra brand products, while the pharmaceutical division develops medicines and medical devices.

Marco Viti Farmaceutici

Another historic medium-size Italian pharmaceutical company. It produces medicines, medical-surgical devices and dietary supplements.

Idea Natura

Specialists in dietary supplements, especially probiotics.

The value of Italy

Being Italian is the fundamental value of Zeta Farmaceutici Group, of each of its companies and all its brands. It is a strategic choice, because we are convinced that it makes the difference on the market and enables us to continue growing.

The value of tradition

The tradition of pharmaceutical laboratories, the origins of our Group. A tradition that lives on today in our organisation, always attentive to the needs of people and pursuing specific solutions, just like the laboratories of old. The great Italian cosmetics tradition, sought-after worldwide – 65% of make-up distributed internationally today is produced in Italy.

The value of quality

Raw materials, production and distribution: all stringently controlled in line with pharmaceutical procedures.To guarantee constant maximum quality, close-up controls right along the production chain and selection of the best producers.

The value of work

We believe in corporate social responsibility. Also when it impacts development of the area we work in. This is why we have decided to keep all our production in Italy, in this way creating new opportunities for growth and employment.


The value of a community

Our products are sold in 10,000 Italian pharmacies and drug stores. A capillary presence throughout the country, even the most isolated. To support every pharmacy in its role as a point of reference for its community, safeguarding quality of life and wellbeing of people.

Past, Present, Future

It is good to remember where we come from, as long as it is not just a celebration of the past.
Looking back is important if it is a stimulus to continually plan the future. We are proud of our history, but even more so of what we have yet to achieve.


Zeta Farmaceutici was founded in Vicenza in the laboratory of a pharmacy. A small artisan business making galenic preparations that gradually grew.


Zeta Farmaceutici became an industrial company. Towards the end of the seventies the first sun products were produced.


The birth of Zeta Farmaceutici S.p.A. A passage that marked further development in research of innovative products like face creams or the natural personal hygiene lines.


With creation of the EuPhidra brand, the cosmetics and pharmaceutical divisions were separated with a view to developing and diversifying the range of cosmetics. This quickly led EuPhidra to become a leading brand in pharmacies.


EuPhidra inaugurated its line of hair colorants. A revolution that coloured the world of pharmacies for the first time. Over time, a complete hair programme was to be developed, including shampoo, conditioner and treatments.


Zeta Farmaceutici continued to grow in different directions, staying ahead of important market trends. Idea Nature was created, a pharmaceutical business specialising in research and production of dietary supplements, especially probiotics.


The new cleansing line proved to be very popular due to excellent results combined with extremely gentle action on sensitive skins.


The birth of EuPhidra make-up. Great performance backed by high quality and safety. An immediate success. And market leadership that was to strengthen over the years.


Zeta Farmaceutici took over Marco Viti Farmaceutici, a historic pharmaceutical company in Lombardy. This led to the formation of the Zeta Farmaceutici Group.


Zeta Farmaceutici Group has established itself as one of the liveliest medium-sized Italian pharmaceutical companies. One of the few that is still a manufacturer. And now it looks to the future exploring new horizons on the international market.

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